December 5, 2014 Nick Mesritz

Sumatrium Teaser

Sumatrium is the brainchild of Ben Player and cinematographers Ed Saltau and Dean Fergus.

Shot over a 10 day period entirely in Krui, Sumatra, Ben’s high performance surfing is captured in full HD and the results are simply mind-blowing.

Fergus’s brilliant water footage pays homage to his days as a professional bodyboarder and give us a unique up-close view of Ben in his element. In contrast, Saltau’s film school training is on display with a multitude of land angles that not only capture Players’s mastery of the ocean, but also confront us with the stark beauty of Sumatra.

Some will undoubtably ask why include the village slow-mo drive by, but those who have experienced the true Indonesia will appreciate the juxtaposition of this scene. A fresh soundtrack and seamless editing finish off what is a progressive, high quality production.

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