Sizes: 36", 38", 40", 42"

Colour Options

* Colour combos are subject to change depending on season and region.

What is the matrix?

We’ve taken all the features of the Method and added the strength of our EXT Stringer. Should cost far more but we like you.



Flex is essential to high performance bodyboarding, but a board with too much flex can bog and push water. Too stiff and you’ll find it hard to turn. Consider the water temps you typically surf, combined with your personal flex preference, for the perfect ride.



Straight templates are typified by a wider nose width and a shorter rail line, perfect for those with a need for speed. Curved templates have a drawn in nose and turn on a dime.



When the mercury drops, your board becomes stiffer. Vice versa, when things heat up your board gains flex. Look for a stiffer board in tropical conditions and a softer flex for the cold.

Board Dimensions

Size Nose NTWP* Width Tail Thickness
36" 11" 13 3/8" 19 1/2" 16 3/4" 57mm
38" 10 3/4" 14 1/2" 19 1/8" 17" 54mm
40" 11 3/4" 15 3/4" 20 1/2" 17 7/8" 59mm
42" 12 3/8" 16 1/2" 21 1/4" 18 1/2" 60mm
*NTWP (Nose to Wide Point)

Board Specifications

Rail Ratio Top Rail Bottom Rail Tail Angle Nose Angle Tail Shape
60/40 40° 38° 40° 40° Cresent

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