NMD opened its doors in New Zealand late 1999 with Mez shaping mail order custom boards for the Australian and New Zealand market. We introduced our first stock line into Australia in 2001 by driving up and down the east coast in an old Valiant, showing the range to local stores during the day, and sleeping on mate’s floors each night. In 2002 we moved into our state of the art production facility in Java, Indonesia, and soon began laying down the blueprints for a number of design advancements that would lead to a quantum leap in bodyboard performance in years to come.

NMD has been built on the collective efforts of an amazing group of surfers, shapers, designers, distributors and friends. Our team has been the driving force in NMD’s success and we’ve been lucky to work with the world’s best including Ben Player, Dave Winchester, Jase Finlay, Pierre-Louis Costes, Joe Clarke, Eddie Solomon, Steve ‘Bullet’ Mackenzie and Michael ‘Eppo’ Epplestun. These riders have been instrumental in redefining the art of wave riding through constant progression in both their technique and their equipment. By having the team constantly drive us to develop better boards and by providing us with invaluable feedback on new shapes and core constructions, NMD has been able to move to the forefront of bodyboard shaping and design.

Since 1999 NMD has focused on designing and building the world’s best bodyboards. As we look towards the future we see no reason to change.

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