In 1990 I walked into Rick Broderson’s bodyboard factory in Auckland, New Zealand, and asked for an after school job. I was obsessed with bodyboarding and to find that a factory was just up the road from my house blew my mind. If you told me then that one day I’d shape for Mike Stewart, count Tom Morey as a friend and have my own board brand, I wouldn’t have believed you. Now 25 years in and counting, I’ve been fortunate to learn from the industries brightest minds in Buzz Morasca and Brian Peterson, and I’ve worked besides dedicated craftsmen including Dan Sivess, Todd Quigley, Jarrod Gibson and Mike Brum. Since day one I’ve been driven to design and shape the best bodyboards in the world. It’s a big statement I know, but it is my absolute focus and one that wouldn’t be achievable without the input of the worlds best riders such as Ben Player, Dave Winchester, Jake Stone, Jase Finlay, Eppo and Steve “Bullet” Mackenzie, . Seeing these guys win world tour events and world titles on my boards is hard to explain in words, but I get a similar stoke when I watch groms ride their first waves to the beach. I love what I do and hope you guys do too.